Walking & Biking in the Brabantse Kempen

Nature gate TerSpegelt is the point of departure to explore the beautiful surrounding. The Cartierheide is located at walking distance from the Nature gate. For kids Nature gate TerSpegelt has the unique Gnome path. Rather some more action? At the Nature gate you will find various mountainbikeroutes and a horseback riding pathway.

Enjoy delicous eating and drinking after a journey through this beautiful border area. The Keizer eating & drinking is the perfect location to relax after your hike. At the sunny terrace, on the porch by the fireplace or in the lovely restaurant.  

Nature gate TerSpegelt is located in Eersel and is the best departure point for a sportive discovery journey through the beautiful border area.
Eersel has in 2014 been declared to walking municipality of the year because there are plenty of walking trails. Various from 2 till 50 kilometers.

Walking and biking routes are available at the reception of  Holidaypark TerSpegelt. 

What is a Nature gate?

A Nature gate is a starting point to explore the nature, to relax or be active outside. At the Brabantse Nature gates you will find a 4 meter high key as recognition point. Also there is a panel with information about the routes, nature and culture history in the environment.


You can find Nature gate TerSpegelt at the Postelseweg 88 in Eersel. Parking is free.