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General qeustions

Fully booked? Is there a waiting list?

No, we do not work with waiting lists in busy periods. We recommend you to take a look at our website once in a while to check out the current availability.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed. This applies to the entire park. We do make exceptions for assistance dogs. For more information, please contact the reception.

Is there wifi available at the park?

You can make free use of the WiFi network at a number of public locations at the park, De Wijde Blick, SterrenStrand, Reception, La Cantina and De Keizer.

Are you staying in an accommodation?
Then you have access to the WiFi network with 4 devices. In our Lodges you will find the code in the arrival folder. If you are staying in one of our rental caravans or chalets you will receive a code from our receptionist upon arrival.

Are you renting a camping pitch?
Then it is possible to book WiFi for 1 person or a family account, for 4 devices. You can purchase a login code for a day, a week or a month. WiFi is included for camping pitches with private sanitary facilities plus.

What is possible to eat gluten-free?

It is important to always indicate clearly when ordering that someone has a gluten allergy. Some preparations have to be done separately from the rest. At De Keizer, everything is prepared a la minute and we can take this into account. We always have gluten-free bread available for both restaurants (De Keizer and De Wijde Blick) and also gluten-free fries.

Wijde Blick: We have various types of dishes gluten-free (pancake, gluten-free pasta but we also have gluten-free sauce) when ordering please clearly mention the allergy.

LekkerSnacken: our fries in LekkerSnacken are always gluten-free, but we also have gluten-free snacks (croquette and frikandel) and we have gluten-free mayo.

Gluten-free bread is available at the supermarket. You do need to order this in advance at the supermarket.

You may bring your own gluten-free food. It will then be warmed up for guest.

Can we book a late check-out?

Yes, for camping pitches it is possible to book a late check-out in the low season. Unfortunately not during festive weekends and holidays. With a late check-out you will check out before 10 p.m. instead of at 11 a.m. The costs for a late check-out are € 20.00. A late check-out costs € 30.00 for a pitch with private sanitary facilities (plus).

Payment terms

After making a booking, the following payment terms and percentages apply:

  • The first payment must be made within 4 weeks after booking (50% of the total amount)
  • The remaining payment must be paid 6 weeks before arrival (remaining 50% of the total amount)
Extra costs for activities

There are costs associated with the activities: band rafting, mini golf, bicycle rental, corn labyrinth, supping, go-kart rental and gnome path. You can contact our reception for this activitites. All other activities are included.

Where can i find the map?

You can find the map of the park here. In addition, you will find a map for each accommodation on which you can find the location of those specific camping pitches/accommodations.

Book for 2024?

That's possible! From the 1st of april you can book for the 2024 season! Book your favorite camping spot on the campsite as soon as possible so you can enjoy a FunVacation at TerSpegelt in 2024! Some accommodations/camping pitches are very popular in several periods. So we highly recommend to book as soon as possible.

Are electric scooters allowed?

From season 2023, electric scooters, including electric scooters with saddles, are not allowed on our park.

Are scooters/mopeds allowed on the park?

You are not allowed to drive your (electric) scooter or moped on the park. If you want to take it with you to your (camping) pitch, is this only allowed on foot with the vehicle in the hand.

Can I book for a group?

Please call the reception, they will be happy to help. You can call the reception via: +31 497-512016.

Does the full amount of the booking have to be paid right away?

No, that is not strictly necessary. We expect the first down payment within four weeks after you’ve made your reservation. The remaining amount must be paid at least six weeks in advance. However, if the arrival date is within 90 days after booking, payment must be made all at once.

Can I add more people to my booking?

Yes, you can add up to 6 people to a booking for a pitch. If you are staying in accommodation, you can add up to the maximum number of people that the accommodation is meant for.

Can I make a campfire?

No, unfortunately making a campfire is not allowed. Open fire is not allowed at our park.

Hebben jullie ook jaarplaatsen?

Zeker! Een gedeelte van het park is gereserveerd voor jaarplaatsen. Bij deze jaarplaatsen heb je de mogelijkheid om het hele seizoen gebruik te maken van de faciliteiten en activiteiten die TerSpegelt te bieden heeft. Tot en met seizoen 2026 bieden wij jaarplaatsen te huur aan. Vanaf seizoen 2027 hebben wij geen jaarcamping meer.

Ben je op zoek naar een stacaravan? Op ons park worden verschillende kampeermiddelen te koop aangeboden door gasten van ons park. Om de advertenties te bekijken, klik hier.

Arrival & Departure

At what time can I check in?

Are you staying on a camping pitch?
Then you can check in from 2 PM.

Are you staying in a rental accommodation?
Then you can check in from 4 PM.

You can use the facilities all day on the day of arrival. Make sure you have everything arranged before the holiday starts! Pass on the number plate, add details of fellow travellers or make the final payment. You can do this at: Your MijnTerSpegelt

At what time do i have to check out?

Are you staying on a camping pitch?
You must check-out untill 11:00 am.

Are you staying in a rental accommodation?
You must check-out untill 10:00 am. The key to the accommodation may be deposited in the key post at the barrier. You can still use all facilities on the day of departure. The car must be parked at the parking lot of Natuurpoort TerSpegelt. 

Is there a charging station for electric cars?

Yes, we have several charging stations for electric cars at our park. You also have the option to charge your car in the parking lot opposite restaurant De Keizer.

Where can I park my car/second car?

On each reservation you have access to the park with a maximum of 1 car. If you have a second car with you, it can be parked on the other side of the road, at the entrance of Natuurpoort TerSpegelt, on the opposite of restaurant De Keizer.

What are the costs to welcome guests?

€10.00 per person, per night.

Until what time can I check in?

You can check in at our reception until closing time, this varies from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., take a look at our opening hours. You can enter the park by car until 11 p.m. If the reception is closed when you arrive, you can already install and check in the day after.


Is there heating in SterrenStrand

Above the terrace are patio heaters for the parents, otherwise we depend on the sun.

What kind of fish are in the pond?

Mainly roach and perch.

What are the costs for bicycle rental?

The current prices for renting bicycles are available in the TerSpegelt app. You can also use the app to rent a bicycle, e-bike, BMX, handcart or pushchair.

Facilities on arrival and departure day

You are allowed to use the facilities all day long on the day of arrival and departure.

Costs of a day visit to TerSpegelt?
  • Day visit (adults and children): €5.50
  • Day visit incl. SterrenStrand (adults and children from 2 years of age): €12.50

Rent & Camp

Are there children's sanitary facilities in the toilet buildings?

All sanitary buildings have children's sanitary facilities (toilet, washbasin, bath, shower). Except toilet buildings 27 & 72 have no children's toilet.

Where are disabled sanitary facilities available?

In the sanitary building near the LuxeTent. There is a disabled toilet at the Wijde Blick. For the sanitary facilities, they need to get a key from the reception, for a €5 deposit.

How big can an additional tent be?

Maximum 2.5 x 2.5 m

What kind of playground equipment are on the pitches?

Field 13: small slide and seesaw
Field 27: a small climbing frame with slide (new in 2021)
Field 28: toddler swing and slide (new in 2021)
Field 29: a playhouse (new in 2021)
Field 94: a slide (elephant) & seesaw
Field 95 and 96: contains a sand and water table
Field 33: a small slide with a footbridge
Field 80: large seesaw (4 persons), hammock swing and horizontal bar
Field 10: there is a sand table
Field 6: there is a sandpit (there will be playground equipment on the field)
Field 34: there is a swing
Field 3: slide with sandpit
Field 4: sandpit containing a "car" and a slide
Field 5: sandpit containing a "ship''
Field 7: slide and climbing frame
Field 40: large playground with slide and climbing frame

Do I have to bring bed and/or bath linen with me?

If you're staying in a rental accommodation you don't need to bring bed linen with you, this is (obligatory) included. What is included with bed linen? Pillow, duvet, fitted sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover. Bath towels (large and small towel) and kitchen towels (2 tea towels and 1 towel) can also be booked, but aren't included as standard. Packages can be booked up to 2 days before arrival.

Is there a high chair in the accommodation?

No, there is no high chair in the accommodation. However, it is possible to book this. The high chair will be ready for you in the accommodation when you arrive. If you have not booked the high chair in advance, it is possible to request it at the reception.

Is there a high chair/camping cot/bed rail in the accommodation?

No, these are not standard in the accommodation. However, it is possible to book them in addition. This will be ready in the accommodation when you arrive. If you have not booked this in advance, it can be done on site at the reception, based on availability of course.

Do you also have facilities for campers?

Yes, we do! At the front of the park you will find a spot for campers, next to the check-in and check-out lane. Here you can unload and fill up water. To empty the chemical toilet you can go to two toilet buildings, the building at field 32 and the building at field 72.

Can I put two side tents on my pitch?

Yes, you can. For the second side tent, you must pay an extra € 4.00 per night.

Can I attach an awning or canopy to my tent/caravan?

Yes, both are allowed.

We have a blended family; can we share one camping pitch?

We will be happy to help. Please call the reception desk, they will assist you further. The reception desk is available via: +31 497-512016.

Can we book two pitches at the same time?

If you want to book two adjacent camping spots, you need to make one reservation as a family. While booking, you can indicate your preferences for the pitches you want. You can always contact the reception via: +31 497-512016.

Can I have a barbecue at my camping pitch?

Yes, no problem!

Kan ik een voorseizoen arrangement of seizoen arrangement boeken?

Op TerSpegelt bieden wij geen voorseizoen en/of seizoen arrangement aan. Wel is het mogelijk om een korter arrangement te boeken. Lees hier meer informatie over onze arrangementen.