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We like to make you happy!

Cool and adventurous activities

In addition to swimming, there is plenty more to experience for both young and old at TerSpegelt. So, enjoy a fun day out with the whole family. Discover the Gnome Path together, or wander around the amazing Corn Maze during the summer months. For the more daring kids, there's a PumpTrack, a varied course with bumps, curves, and hills. Read below for more information about the different activities.

The Gnome Path

For the little ones, there's the exciting Gnome Path. The children get a real gnome hat and gnome bag (containing an instruction booklet, sticker sheet, and diploma). During the walk, there are tasks to complete that vary depending on the season. The Gnome Path materials can be picked up at the reception desk. The cost for this is €6.50 per child, and the walk takes approximately 1 hour. After completing the path, the kids get to keep the red pointy hat and bag.

The PumpTrack

Humps, bends and hills come one after the other on the varied PumpTrack. The track has been created for BMX bikes, ATBs and Scooters. At the Pump Track you don't have to pedal or step very hard because you will gain so much speed from the hills and bumps on the track. A lot of speed, in fact!

All ages and levels

The PumpTrack is for all ages and levels. A separate section of the track is designed specifically for beginners. Young cyclists and scooter riders are allowed on the track under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Are you a fan of cycling, scootering, and racing? Come try out the PumpTrack soon!

A day of PumpTrack can be enjoyed with your family. Youth aged between 13 and 23 can only buy a day ticket when accompanied by their family. You can buy a day ticket at the reception desk, which gives you access to the PumpTrack and other facilities of the park. Bikes, scooters, and protective gear are also available for rent at the reception desk.

The Corn Maze

Please note: The Corn Maze is open until Sept. 19!

That will be wandering and roaming through our Corn Maze! Together with the family you can visit our Corn Maze. For families with children over 8 years old there is the StarMaze and for children up to 8 years old there is the AnimalMaze. Children up to 2 years old can enter the maze for free. Please note that it is only possible to pay in cash!

The maze can be found at Boksheidsedijk 30 and every day between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM the wandering can begin! Will you be taking on the challenge soon?