Here you can download the house rules and the cancellation policy.

House Rules

Cancellation Policy

Upload your picture for your holidaypass here

Every guest at Holidaypark TerSpegelt gets a Holidaypass. This pass is valid as identification on the campsite, but it's also to get access to SterrenStrand, the indoor water- and sandparadise and the heated pool.

On every pass we print a name, date of birth, date of arrival and departure, reservation number, fieldnumber and a passport photo. Below you can read how to upload your digital passport photo.

1. Click on the link below 'Upload picture'. It leads you to a page with the TerSpegelt logo, here you can login to your booking by using your reservation number and e-mailaddress.
2. After logging in you will see all persons involved this booking.
3. Uploading your pictures goes like this:
    A. Click a name
    B. Click at [bestand kiezen]
    C. Select the right picture on your computer
    D. Click Save
    E. When the photo is uploaded, Click [ga terug naar het overzicht]
    F. You can do this for each person involved this booking.
    G. After you uploaded all pictures, Click [klik hier als u klaar bent met het uploaden van foto’s]
    H. This

Some important rules:
- The pictures can not be bigger then 1MB.
- The picture doesn't have to be an official photo identification, a normal picture is fine aswell, as long as your face is clearly visible.
- We are happy to receive a photo of all persons, so both adults and children.
- For uploading your picture you can use JPG/JPEG/TIFF files.

Here you can upload your picture: 
Upload picture