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We like to make you happy!

Sunbathing, swimming and playing in our Swim Lake.

At TerSpegelt Recreational Park, you can enjoy swimming in natural water, sunbathing on the beach, or zipping down the slide. Children under 2 years old are free. It's not possible to reserve day tickets in advance. The entrance to the swim lake is located at Boksheidsedijk 30. You can purchase your access ticket for €5,50 from one of our staff members at the gate. Parking is free of charge.

It's not possible for youth aged between 13 and 23 years old to visit the Swim Lake. without the accompaniment of a parent. It's also not possible for groups to visit the Swim Lake.

Lovely outdoor swimming!

That's possible in our swimming lake! Come with your family to swim in the natural water, sunbathe on the sandy beach or zoom down one of the water slides. There is a large water slide,family water slide and a water fountain in the swimming lake for extra splashing fun. It's a smaller, compact lake which makes it easier to keep a comfortable overview, even when it's busier. Want to stay on dry land for a bit? Swing on our giant swing, bounce on the air trampoline, or have fun on the nearby sports field.

Enjoying the terrace

Feeling hungry after all that swimming and playing? Near the swim lake, you can find Beach Pavilion De Wijde Blick, LekkerSnacken, and LekkerMakkelijk. Here, you can get a tasty lunch, an ice cream, a cold drink, some chips, or anything else you crave at the moment. After a relaxing break on the terrace, you'll be ready to go again!

Food and drinks at TerSpegelt