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We like to make you happy!

Hours of swimming fun for everyone

Looking for a place to play, swim, splash, and climb? Then TerSpegelt is the place to be. Swimming fun is guaranteed at the covered Sterrenstrand and indoor swimming pool. Before you start swimming, stop by the reception to purchase tickets. A day ticket for SterrenStrand and indoor Swimming Pool costs €13.50 (from 2 years of age) per person. Are you only coming for a day of outdoor swimming? Then a day ticket costs €5.50 per person. Unfortunately, it's not possible to reserve day tickets in advance. Also, don't forget to check the current opening hours before your visit.

The indoor swimming pool and Sterrenstrand are accessible to families with children. It's not possible for youth aged between 13 and 23 years old to visit Sterrenstrand without the accompaniment of a parent. It's also not possible for groups to visit Sterrenstrand.

It's always great weather at Sterrenstrand

Sterrenstrand is a world of water and sand full of adventure. From a sandy beach and an underground labyrinth to climbing and play castles, our 5-star attractions can be found in various places. These include the spectacular climbing castle of Freule, the footloose path of Timo, Bloos' Pool, and Zilva's Harbour. Sterrenstrand is, therefore, a fantastic place for children to splash around, climb and play. Dads and moms can relax on the terrace atop the underground labyrinth, and enjoy a drink, ice cream, or a small snack.

Indoor pool

Our indoor swimming pool is a swimming paradise with various pools and water attractions. Is there a star to be found here too? Absolutely, our Hendrik is chilling on top of the giant tumble bucket. Zip down the slide, take a plunge in the pool, or relax on the bubble bench. There is also an exciting water attraction for little ones, the CanalPlay. In a (foam) boat, they can sail through the canal in the toddler-kid pool, on an adventurous exploration journey. Accompanied by parents, babies and toddlers can splash around in Bloos' Pool with fun water games.

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