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Dag uitstapjes Binnen

Looking for a fun and active outing with the kids, a day out with the whole family, a fun activity, or is the weather just bad? Trampoline jumping at Jump XL in Eersel is the perfect outing! Trampoline jumping is the perfect activity for everyone who wants to combine fun, exercise and excitement. Feel weightless on the trampolines, accept the challenge on the Valo Jump or make your first backflip!

Mini Jump

Trampoline jumping only suitable for real daredevils? Definitely not! The little ones also love our trampolines. That’s why we have Mini Jump, especially for parents with children between 2 and 5: a super fun and safe way to learn how to jump, roll and fall!

Family Jump

Come trampoline jumping with your whole family for an extra attractive price! There is fun to be had for everyone, and you’ll have a fun and active family outing together.

Check the website for more information and the current prices.

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