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We like to make you happy!

Have fun working in a holiday atmosphere!

Recreation Park TerSpegelt is a 5-star park in Eersel. Every year, we offer many guests a perfect (camping) holiday or day trip. There is so much to do at our park, with many cool activities and various catering locations. At TerSpegelt, you can earn some extra money and work in a welcoming (young) team with other students. Are you looking for an internship? That’s also possible! We are an Official Training Company. Or maybe you’ll get that challenging permanent job and become part of Team TerSpegelt. You’ll be working all year round, with a well-organised family business. In the summer you’ll make sure that our guests have the time of their lives, and in the winter you’ll take on all kinds of fun projects with your colleagues.

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Working in a holiday atmosphere
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In the words of a recreation employee

"All our guests come here to enjoy their holiday. That’s why working at TerSpegelt is always entertaining, fun and super diverse. For example, in the morning you’ll have a crafting workshop, a climbing lesson in the afternoon, and a party with the teenagers in the evening. That’s what makes it so fun, the fact that it’s never the same.

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Fun during and after work

We organise various activities for our employees. Such as our annual barbecue, and our legendary End-of-Season parties. Other activities include a Padel tournament, a Quiz and a WC Pool. Doing fun things together and maybe even forge friendships at work, isn’t that wonderful.

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