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We like to make you happy!

It's always great weather at Sterrenstrand

No matter how many swimming pools you've been in, when you walk into the SterrenStrand, you won't believe your eyes. Natural water is everywhere, there's real beach sand, and in various places towers, climbing frames and castles rise above everything. Ideal for playing, splashing and getting messy. While the kids have the time of their lives, mums and dads can enjoy themselves on the adjacent terrace. What's more, the weather is always great here because everything is covered. So, you can also have fun in the spring and autumn.

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Go ahead and splash!

At TerSpegelt, we make swimming very special and enjoyable. In our indoor swimming pool, little kids can splash around in the Bloos' Toddler Pool. The exciting water attraction Canal Play is perfect for toddlers and young children. Of course, an exhilarating Slide is also available here. If you prefer to swim laps in our large pool, relax in our Bubble Bath, or be drenched with water from our Tumble Bucket, that's all possible too.

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Crossing the hills

Are you ready for action? Then be sure to check out our PumpTrack. Cycling, stepping or crossing over the hills and humps of this track will make you feel like a real racing driver. And the great thing is, on the PumpTrack you hardly need to pedal, but instead gain speed through a pumping motion with your arms and legs. By pushing the bike to the ground on the back of each bump, the bike automatically gains speed. A lot of speed, in fact!

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Gnome Path

Gnomes usually live in little holes in the ground or in a hollow tree. However, sometimes they also live in an abandoned shed or a cabin built of branches. Gnomes are really nice and love their gnome children. Just like their relatives, the garden gnomes, they are very diligent and helpful. They are busy all day. If you follow this gnome path you will find out more for yourself! Do not forget to search for traces of gnomes along the way. You may even see a real gnome!

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Lovely outdoor swimming!

If the weather is nice, come and swim in the swimming lake. There is a beautiful sandy beach with a lovely sunbathing area, but there are also water slides! There’s a large water slide, a family slide, and a water fountain for even more swimming fun. Are you looking for even more action? You can also go stand-up paddleboarding, rowing, or just float on your mat on the swimming lake.

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Wandering and roaming

Another fun thing to do during the summer months with the whole family is to wander in our Corn Maze. For families with children over 8, there is the Star Maze and for children under 8, there is the Animal Maze. The exit? You'll find it by completing fun tasks. That will be wandering and roaming. Or will you be able to find the exit?

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Enjoy delicious food and drinks!

After an active day, you naturally get hungry and crave some tasty food. Fortunately, we have various catering establishments. For example, at De Wijde Blick, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the recreation lakes. Or opt for a tasty dish with an international touch at De Keizer eten & drinken. Whether you want a fancy dinner, a delicious snack, or a quick lunch, it's all possible at our park.

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