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What to do in the surrounding area

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Nature Gate TerSpegelt

Nature Gate TerSpegelt is the perfect starting point to explore the beautiful Kempen of Brabant. Choose a nice hiking route, cycle across the Cartierheide or choose a challenging BMX route. For the little ones, there is a special Gnome Path, full of surprises and fun assignments.

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Brabantse Kempen

De Kempen in Brabant is a beautiful area with a rich history and gorgeous nature, perfect to explore on foot or on a bicycle. 

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De Wit Schijndel

Holiday Park TerSpegelt works together with De Wit in Schijndel, a store where you can buy everything to do with camping. Not only comfortable lounge chairs, but pegs, cutlery and plates as well. And 1001 other essential articles for camping, gardening and sports.

't Geitenboerke

Visit the goat farm of the Schippers family in Oerle.

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De Ruurhoeve Cheese Farm

Enjoy the peace of the countryside, admire the cows and calves.

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Bakery Museum Luyksgestel

Museums are usually more about seeing than doing, but not Bakery Museum Luyksgestel! Visit the museum and experience it.

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At De Neut Westerhoven

This child-friendly restaurant with an indoor play area in Westerhoven is worth a visit.

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De Smaak! Chocolade & IJs

Family business De Smaak! Chocolade en IJs is a cosy and inviting ice cream parlour, where they also have real, artisanal chocolate.

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Brasserie De Panberg

Letting everyone enjoy agricultural life, that’s what it’s all about at Brasserie De Panberg. You’re welcome to experience it every Sunday!

Museum de Acht Zaligheden
Kempenmuseum de Acht Zaligheden

Would you like to know more about the history of De Kempen in Brabant? Kempenmuseum de Acht Zaligheden in Eersel, located in a beautiful long farmhouse, shows life in De Kempen until 1950 in an interactive way.

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Visit at Postel

Visit the wooded area of Postel with its impressive abbey, built in the twelfth century. The Norbertines have been working the land here since then, and they value hospitality. Visit the abbey, with its cheese dairy, abbey store and herb garden.

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Visit Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a city bursting with energy. Over 125 years ago, Philips brought the light to Eindhoven. The company turned the city into an industrial success story. These days, Eindhoven is a buzzing city in transition, a city bursting with creativity, innovation, technology, design and knowledge.

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Theme parks

TerSpegelt is in the southeast of Brabant, a part of the Netherlands that is known for a number of theme parks. There are even more just over the border with Belgium or Limburg.

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The southeast of Brabant, where TerSpegelt is located, is perfect if you want to visit a zoo.

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preHistorisch Dorp Eindhoven

In the open-air museum of Eindhoven, you can experience the past by going on a journey of discovery. You will meet the historical people from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages.

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Jump XL Eersel

Come jump at Jump XL Eersel and experience the coolest day out. 

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Cinema Gold Veldhoven

Cinema Gold in Veldhoven the perfect place for an afternoon or evening of relaxation. With a big offer of movies for all ages, they have something for everyone.

Rofra kanovaren

The ROFRA offers various cool activities, such as canoeing, survival training and riding an e-chopper. In short; activities for young and old.

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Doeboerderij De Steenuil

The grass tickling your toes, the children with red cheeks from playing. Children playing in the indoor playground or on the farm and discovering that a cow is a fun pet! And in the meantime, you can just relax.

Kidsplaza Bladel
KidsPlaza Bladel

Playing at indoor and outdoor playground KidsPlaza de Hooiberg in Bladel a day full of fun for the kids.