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We like to make you happy!

Let’s wind back the clock a little ...

TerSpegelt recreation park has a rich history that stretches back to 1968 when the Keijzer family bought the Ter Spegelt farm in Eersel. In just one year, they’d transformed it into a recreation business and were welcoming their first guests. The site covered an area of 10 hectares back then. The swimming lake was dug in 1969 and is still very popular with guests. Over the years, TerSpegelt has expanded and developed to become a five-star, 68-hectare recreation park.

TerSpegelt today

In 2022, TerSpegelt became an ANWB Top Recognised Campsite. With about 500 camping pitches and about 100 rental accommodation options, TerSpegelt welcomes thousands of guests for a wonderful holiday or weekend break every year. TerSpegelt stands for innovation, quality, hospitality and fun; guests and staff come first. We do everything we can to make sure guests enjoy their stay with us and that staff are given the opportunity to develop.

Mission and vision

We’re happy if you’re happy! That’s why we want as many people as possible to have fun doing things together and take a break from the daily grind. Bringing people together though positivity: that’s our dream. At the park, our team makes this dream come true every day through a combination of enthusiasm, personal contact and an eye for detail. We continue to innovate and constantly raise the bar. But don’t worry, TerSpegelt will always be the place you and your family can head off to for a well-deserved, safe holiday!

Get to know the different departments here at TerSpegelt

From front office to facilities, from leisure & entertainment to catering and from housekeeping to marketing & communication, all our staff in every department are at your service throughout the season.