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Musea & Cultuur

Visit De Ruurhoeve to experience life on a dairy and cheese farm and take part in a treasure hunt

Get to know the people who work on the farm, learn how the grass in the fields is turned into milk and then into cheese and take a look at the cows and their calves.

There’s also an enclosure where you can cuddle some of the farm’s goats, chickens and rabbits. How great is that?

Learn how grass is transformed into cheese on a fun treasure hunt that takes you onto every part of the farm.

And did you know that real gnomes used to live in Hoogeloon, with gnome Kyrië as their king? The gnomes helped local people get all their work done! They're still helping farmworkers at De Ruurhoeve to this very day. Go see if you can find them!

And if you get hungry or thirsty, you can enjoy a drink or snack on the terrace. Or have a delicious picnic in the meadow: that's a real experience! As you might expect, De Ruurhoeve’s tasty, traditional cheeses are on the menu too.

Don't forget to buy something yummy in the shop to enjoy when you get back home. Don’t miss out?

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