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We like to make you happy!

Freule Orangerie van Lentebloesem tot Kiwiplantage

Freule Orangerie lives in a castle on her TerSpegelt estate. This castle can be found in SterrenStrand. She also calls it the largest building on this earth. Lovely isn't it? Tidiness is very important to Freule. What else is very important to her? Ask her one day. After all, she is very chatty.

Bloos the strawberry plant

Bloos is a cheerful girl, and the sweetest of the lot. She loves to tell stories and lives in the Bloos playground in SterrenStrand. She prefers to tell her stories to her friends like the mushrooms, the trees, the bunnies and all the other animals. She also loves fairy tales. Her favorite fairy tale? That is, of course, Little Red Riding Hood.

Hendrik the scarecrow

Hendrik likes to joke around and loves good food and drinks. Sometimes he is also a bit lazy, but is always in a good mood. You can find Hendrik in Hendrik's hut on the SportField near La Cantina. At his hut you will find a mailbox. Write a letter for Hendrik's birthday and put it in the letterbox. He turns 19 on 29 February, which is also known as leap day.

Zilva the starfish

Zilva is the star of our underwater world. Zilva is a fun, sporty and tough girl. She loves the water and is good friends with the starfish. Another fun fact about Zilva, she always wants to be the best. Thus, Zilva's Harbour with the underground labyrinth is her domain. Will you challenge her in her domain or organize a dance battle during the Star Disco? After all, swimming, dancing and singing are her favorite hobbies.

Timo Timing

Timo Timing is the sportiest of them all. Sports and being active are the most important things in his life. He loves running from one sports field to another. He can also be found at Timo's feet off the floor pad in Star Beach. Moreover, he is training hard to go all out during the Olympics. His life motto is also, 'If you want to achieve something, one day you will succeed!