The Brabantse Kempen

Holidaypark TerSpegelt is situated in Eersel. Eersel is located in the center of the Brabantse Kempen.
This region, the Brabantse Kempen includes the area, southwestern of Eindhoven including the city itself.
More east the Kempen adjoins the region the Peel and western to the city Tilburg.

The Kempen is known for it's nature environments and history.

Various routes

TerSpegelt has almost everything. Yet will it be a pity when you haven't explored the surroundings. At the reception you can ask for different walk, bike or horseback riding routes in The Brabantse Kempen.

At Nature gate TerSpegelt start many trails. So for walking and biking during your holiday you are at Holidaypark TerSpegelt at the right place. And after your nice walk step by The Keizer eating & drinking accross Nature gate TerSpegelt for a lovely lunch, diner or cofffee.