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animatie, binnen Tot 4 jaar 4-7 jaar 7-12 jaar 12-16 jaar Volwassenen Voor het hele gezin


Gaming on the PlayStation or the Nintendo Switch, playing your favourite music, free internet or Just Chillin with others your age. No annoying little brothers or sisters, and no nagging parents. The perfect place for kids of 12 to 16!

The HangOut is not only perfect for chilling, but also for partying. NeonParty and SilentDisco, for example. Check the activities that take place here in the recreation programme on our TerSpegelt app.

2018 Hang Out buiten HR
Ter Spegelt Silent Disco jongen HR
Ter Spegelt tienerteam bij Hang Out bord HR
Ter Spegelt tienerteam tafeltennis HR