TerSpegelt is een Holland Topcamping


Do you enjoy climbing, clambering and messing around in the sand. You can do this in our adventurous covered water and sand playground paradise! In SterrenStrand, there is natural water everywhere, a sandy beach and castles for climbing and clambering that tower above everything else.

Which will you explore first? The spectacular climbing and clambering castle (8 metres high!) belonging to the noble Lady Feule? The sturdy Foot of the Floor path from Timo Timing? Zilva’s Harbour, in which transporting water and sand is central? Or will you immediately discover the secret entrance to the underground labyrinth?

Had enough playing for a while? Then visit the terrace for ice cream, drinks and other tasty snacks.

Are you ready for more swimming fun? The SterrenStrand leads directly into the heated indoor pool via a plunge pool! There, you can enjoy a nice swim, dash down the slide, play in Bloos’Bad or take a boat ride through CanalPlay.

Extra good news: The weather is always nice here, because everything is covered! This means you can also romp around in Sterrenstrand in the spring and autumn, or on a rainy day.