Always great weather in SterrenStrand!

This great attraction at TerSpegelt is a true indoor paradise for playing in the sand and water. Even though you're playing indoors, you can still feel the sun on your face. As well as playing in the sand and in the water, there are several climbing towers and a real labyrinth to explore. This is only possible in the SterrenStrand!

Opening hours for SterrenStrand 

SterrenStrand is closed untill the 3th of April 2020

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Underground labyrinth

Nothing is more enjoyable than swimming and playing! And at TerSpegelt, you will have an extra good time.

Behind the houses at Zilva's harbour there is a secret entrance where you can go to wander around the thrilling underground labyrinth. Can you find the exit? Don’t worry, we will help you. There are peepholes in various places so that you can see just where you are. There are also multiple exits from the labyrinth – but of course you have to find them first.

Features of SterrenStrand

  • Freule’s castle for climbing and playing
  • Timo’s Feet off the Floor course
  • Zilva’s Harbour with an underground labyrinth and a six metre high harbour building
  • Terrace and kiosk (open every weekend and during school holidays) for beverages, ice cream and snacks
  • Heated indoor pool (30° C)
  • Bubble bath (33° C)
  • Large baby and toddler pool (33° C)
  • Splash pools with a water-jet bench
  • Large water slide

Day trip to the park and swimming lake 2019

€ 5.00 per child (2 to 12 years old)
€ 5.00 per parent/ attendant

Children 0 to 1 years old are admitted free of charge

Free parking!

Exclusive visit to SterrenStrand

Rates for daytrips to SterrenStrand 2019

€ 9,00 per child (2 to 12 years old)
€  9,00 per parent/ attendant

Children 0 to 1 years old are admitted free of charge

Free parking!

Overnight guests have free access to SterrenStrand.



Boksheidsedijk 30
5521 PR Eersel, the Netherlands
+31 (0)497-512016