TerSpegelt is een Holland Topcamping

For more information about COVID-19 and your holiday at TerSpegelt, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.

AfterMovie 2020

What a great summer! Take a look at the AfterMovie and see some activities that were organised. Get that holidayfeeling! 

Promotion movie

Are you curious about things happening around Holidaypark TerSpegelt? Check out our promotional film here. In this video you will see the different facilities available at TerSpegelt.

TerSpegelt at KampeerTV

Last April Holidaypark TerSpegelt appeared on Kampeer TV on Channel RTL4.  Did you miss the broadcast? No problem! You can watch it here. The episode was recorded in collaboration with Holland Topcampings.

Day out at TerSpegelt

TerSpegelt has many activities for both young and old. You won't have to be bored for one second. Take a quick look to see what we have to offer you won't want to miss out.

Rental accommodation at TerSpegelt

Stay in the ForestVilla with your friends, sleep alongside the water in the LakeviewLodge or chose a very unique location and stay in a real TipiTent. Anything is possible. 
Check out the video to find your favorite type of accommodation.

TerSpegelt on Trips & Travel

Channel RTL4 came to visit Holidaypark TerSpegelt with their Trips & Travel show. To see their visit to the park click on the video. 
You will see the aerial zipwire, tubing behind a speedboat and also watch Hendrik and Bloos (5 stars) saying hello to all our guests.

Tubing behind speedboat

You won’t be bored for a minute with this activity. Do you fancy being pulled by a speedboat while riding in a tube?
This activity is often scheduled as a part of our recreation programme during the school holidays because it requires supervision.

The Blob

To blob or be blobbed, that is the question. The Blob is a very popular attraction. That is why a reporter from the local newspaper of Eindhoven came to record the very first Blob jump. Click on the image to see the video.