TerSpegelt is een Holland Topcamping

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Rental accommodation at TerSpegelt

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  • 2016 WaterLodge hoekview LR.jpg
  • 2016 WaterLodge zonnig LR.jpg
  • 2016 WaterLodge familie binnenkant LR.jpg
Unique on the water

WaterLodges (8-persons)

  • Glamping on the water
  • Bathroom and kitchen
  • With stunning views
  • TerSpegelt_GlampingLodge_LR (2).jpg
  • GlampingLodge-uitzicht naar buiten
  • GlampingLodge-woonkamer
Overlooking the lake

GlampingLodge (7 persons)

  • With bathroom and kitchen
  • Quiet location
  • Overlooking the recreational lake
  • 20190704_TerSpegelt_Chalet-0001.jpg
  • 20190704_TerSpegelt_Chalet-0005.jpg
  • 20190704_TerSpegelt_Chalet-0009.jpg
Unique chalet

Chalet between annual pitches (6-person)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • Fully equipped unique chalet
  • Located in the area with annual pitches
  • TerSpegelt_FunLodge_LR (4).jpg
  • TerSpegelt_FunLodge_LR (1).jpg
  • TerSpegelt_Vader en zoon schommelbank achterkant FunLodge LR.jpg
Charming lodge

FunLodge (6-persons)

  • Glamping in a charming lodge
  • Luxurious kitchen and bathroom
  • With a view of the playground
  • TerSpegelt_vader en baby op glijbaan veld LoungeLodge HR.jpg
  • TerSpegelt_gezin in loungebank LoungeLodge LR.jpg
  • TerSpegelt_meisje knutselen LoungeLodge LR.jpg
Endlessly chill out

LoungeLodge (5-persons)

  • Relax on the lounge sofas
  • Quiet location
  • Playground on the field
  • Fotografie Zomer 2015 LakeviewLodge LR (10).jpg
  • Fotografie Zomer LakeviewLodge LR (2).jpg
  • Fotografie Zomer LakeviewLodge LR (10).jpg
Beautiful view

LakeviewLodge (8-persons)

  • Glamping at the waterside
  • With bathroom and kitchen
  • Dream away in your hammock
  • _5D_9676.jpg
  • Outback Lodge Comfort LR 2017 (4).jpg
  • Outback Lodge Comfort LR 2017 (1).jpg
Playground on the field

OutbackLodge Comfort (6-persons)

  • Glamping in a spacious lodge 
  • Kitchen with dishwasher
  • A cosy field with playing area
  • OutbackLodge foto's zomer 2015 LR (3).jpg
  • OutbackLodge zomer 2015 HR (1).jpg
  • OutbackLodge zomer 2015 HR (2).jpg
Centrally located

OutbackLodge (6-persons)

  • Attractive lodge 
  • Optimal in-/outdoor experience
  • Perfect location for families
  • 11_BosVilla_FotosSudioDeBrink_Selectie (13).jpg
  • 11_BosVilla_FotosSudioDeBrink_Selectie (23).jpg
  • 11_BosVilla_FotosSudioDeBrink_Selectie (36).jpg
Extra spacious holiday home

ForestVilla (12 persons)

  • Very spacious with 6 bedrooms
  • Cosy atmosphere
  • Big garden with adjacent forest
  • 2016 Veranda Chalet jongetje LR.jpg
  • _5D_1398.jpg
  • TerSpegelt_jongen_meisje_speeltuin_Verandachalet_HR.jpg
Value for money

VerandaChalet (5-persons)

  • Cosy field with VerandaChalets
  • Small playground on the field
  • Centrally located on the park
  • 14_Lounge_Cabin_Fotoshoot  (1).jpg
  • 14_Lounge_Cabin_Fotoshoot  (8).jpg
  • 14_Lounge_Cabin_Fotoshoot  (6).jpg
Playground on the field

LoungeCabin (4-persons)

  • Covered veranda with loungesofa 
  • Cosy field with small playground 
  • With barbecue and hammock
  • 14 Huuraccommodatie Tipitent_gespiegeld LR.jpg
  • 13 Huuraccommodatie tipitent 1.jpg
  • 14_Tipitent_Waterpistool gespiegeld - kopie.jpg
Very adventurous

TipiTent (5-persons)

  • Location on the water side
  • Private shower and toilet 
  • Unique experience
  • 12_Luxe Tent (16).jpg
  • 12_Luxetent.jpg
  • 12_Luxe Tent (12).jpg
Centrally located

LuxuryTent (5-persons)

  • Fully furnished tent
  • Optimal in-/outdoor experience
  • Centrally located on the park
  • 63-A3 Terras.jpg
  • 63-A3 Keuken.jpg
  • 63-A3 Badkamer.jpg
Provided with all comfort

MobileHomes between annual pitches (4-persons)

  • Fully furnished mobile home
  • Between the annual pitches
  • Mobile home with lots of privacy
  • 53-07 Buiten aanzicht.jpg
  • 53-07 Terras.jpg
  • 63-A3 Terras.jpg
Value for money

MobileHomes between annual pitches (6-persons)

  • Mobilehome with 3 bedrooms
  • Fully equipped mobile home
  • Between the annual pitches
  • 51-08 Buiten aanzicht.jpg
  • 52-07 Terras.jpg
  • 45-03-buiten aanzicht zonder stoel.jpg
Beautiful accommodation

MobileHomes Plus between annual pitches (6-person)

  • MobileHome Plus with 3 bedrooms
  • Fully equipped MobileHome
  • Located in the area with annual pitches

Special overnight accommodation

Holidaypark TerSpegelt offers over 90 rental accommodations. Stay in the ForestVilla with your friends, sleep alongside the water in the LakeviewLodge or chose for a very unique location and stay in a real TipiTent. View all the possibilities below!

Glamping at TerSpegelt

Would you like to go camping, but you don't own a tent or caravan? Then you have to try glamping. Try the comfortable LoungeCabin, VerandaChalet or a luxurious WaterLodges. Waking up with a beautiful view over the lake should be on your Bucket List!