TerSpegelt is een Holland Topcamping

For more information about COVID-19 and your holiday at TerSpegelt, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Camping at terspegelt

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  • 2016 Privé Sanitair zon LR.jpg
  • 2016 Privé Sanitair water LR.jpg
  • Senioren Kamperen TerSpegelt
Nearby the waterfront

Pitches with private sanitary facilities

  • Private shower en toilet
  • Nearby the waterfront
  • Spacious camping pitches
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  • TerSpegelt_Prive_Sanitair_Plus_Veld 91_LR (1).jpg
  • TerSpegelt_Prive_Sanitair_Plus_Veld 91_LR (8).jpg
New luxurious pitches

Pitches with private sanitary facilities Plus (NEW)

  • Extra spacious, new camping pitches
  • Beautiful location, nearby the waterfront
  • Centrally located
  • 2016 Luxe Plaatsen speeltuin LR.jpg
  • 2016 Luxe Plaatsen gezin LR.jpg
  • TerSpegelt_uitzicht_luxekamperen_HR.jpg
Extra spacious pitches

Luxury pitch

  • Surface area 100 - 120 m²
  • Located at the water front
  • Beautiful view
  • TerSpegelt_Comfort Kampeerplaats_veld 35_LR 2.jpg
  • Shootdag-00444.jpg
  • TerSpegelt_Comfort Kampeerplaats_veld 35_LR 3.jpg
Spacious pitches

Comfort pitch

  • Surface 100 m²
  • TV and water
  • Cosy fields centrally located
  • Kamperen kinderen vierkant
  • 2016 Comfortplaatsen kindjes LR.jpg
  • 2018 overzicht comfort plaats veld 10 LR.jpg
Perfect with small children

Comfort pitch on the children’s field

  • For kids from 0 - 6 years
  • With playground
  • Centrally located
  • Algemeen-00015 bijgesneden.jpg
  • 13 Kamperen sfeer 2.jpg
  • Algemeen-00024.jpg Bijgenseden.jpg
Value for money

Basic pitch

  • Cosy fields
  • Centrally located 
  • Surface area 80 m²
  • 13 Kamperen kinderveld 2.jpg
  • 13 Kamperen kinderveld 4 - kopie bijgesneden.jpg
  • Algemeen-00039.jpg
Perfect with small children

Basic pitch on the children’s field

  • For kids from 0 - 6 years
  • With small playground
  • Close to the sanitary building


Great camping in Brabant
Would you like to camp at the water's edge, on a cosy field, surrounded by trees or would you rather be close to the sanitary facilities? All of this is possible at Holidaypark TerSpegelt, because with more than five hundred pitches available, you can plan the perfect camping holiday.


At TerSpegelt you can choose between basic, comfort and luxury pitches as well as pitches with private sanitary facilities. Some fields are reserved for families with children that are 0 to 6 years old. For further information please inform at the reception desk