The 5 stars

Aren’t they fun?

Our stars are fun and they know it!
They even sing about it: “I am fun and so is TerSpegelt. You are fun and this is us saying hello."
Let us introduce them to you:

Freule Orangerie van Lentebloesem tot Kiwiplantage

TerSpegelt is her estate. She is a castle dame who finds neatness very important. Freule Orangerie lives in Freule’s castle in SterrenStrand.

Bloos the Strawberry Plant

Bloos is the cheerful, sweet girl of the lot. She loves to tell stories and lives in a small caravan at beach pavilion De Wijde Blick.

Hendrik the Scarecrow

Hendrik likes to joke around and loves good food and drinks. He is a bit lazy, but is always in a good mood.

Zilva the Starfish

The star of our underwater world. Her domain is Zilva’s Harbour where the underground labyrinth is located.

Timo Timing

Timo Timing is the sportiest of them all. Sports and being active are the most important things in his life. He doesn’t like peace and quiet; he always runs from one sports field to the other. Timo likes to hang out at Timo’s Feet off the Floor course at SterrenStrand.

The world of TerSpegelt’s five stars

How it all began

Once upon a time…

Castle dame Freule Orangerie lives in a beautiful orange castle on a large estate in TerSpegelt Holiday Park. The castle towers are orange, her bed linen is orange, even her desserts are orange.

Freule doesn’t live in the large castle by herself. Her personal trainer, Timo Timing, lives there too. Timo will do anything to keep Freule in good shape. Every morning, they work out together in the castle’s specially set up sports room.

Freule Orangerie also has her own swimming pool and Zilverzink pool, where she has to swim laps every morning. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do this very often because she doesn’t like to get her hair wet. It is a good thing that Timo Timing does use all of the castle’s sports facilities. In fact, he is training to compete in the next Olympics.

Outside in the castle garden lives Bloos the Strawberry Plant together with her brothers, sisters and the rest of the family. Freule loves Bloos, because every morning Bloos makes sure she gets a nice, crispy rusk with strawberries. Unfortunately, Freule is not the only one who loves strawberries. The birds also love them.

But don’t worry, Hendrik the Scarecrow is always near Bloos to scare away the hungry birds. The problem is that Hendrik does not only scare the birds. He often gives Freule a scare too. This drives Freule bananas, but what can she do? She really needs him. Otherwise she would never be able to eat strawberries again!

Zilva the Starfish lives in Zilva’s Harbour, which is near Freule’s castle. She takes care of all the fish, water plants and shells in the pool. Freule enjoys bobbing up and down in a boat or paddling in the water. Zilva and Freule love having a cup of plankton tea together while they gossip about Timo’s muscles or discuss the antics of their friend Hendrik.

The five stars have become as thick as thieves and have lots of adventures in and around Freule's castle.