TerSpegelt is een Holland Topcamping

A lot of speed

The PumpTrack is an exciting track with many hills, bumps and curves. You can enter the track with your bicycle, step bike or roller skates.
At the PumpTrack you don't have to pedal or step very hard because you will gain so much speed from the hills and bumps in the track

All ages and levels

The PumpTrack is suitable for all ages and all skill levels. A separate part of the course is available for beginners. Young cyclists and steppers are allowed to enter the track only under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Are you fond of bicycles, scooters and BMX bikes? Then come quickly to try the PumpTrack!

The PumpTrack is open for guests of TerSpegelt during the specified opening hours. 


You can use the PumpTrack with your family. Youths between 13 and 23 years old can only buy a day ticket together with their family. A day ticket is available at the reception which will give you access to the PumpTrack and the other facilities in the park. Do you want unlimited use of the track with your friends? Then you can purchase a PumpTrack subscription pass.

BMX bikes, Flybikes (PumpTrack bikes), scooters and protection are available for renting and purchasing at the reception. Wearing protection is mandatory.

Opening hours and prices 2017

The PumpTrack will close at October 30 2017, and will re-open again at the start of next season, which will be in March

Day ticket 2017

Day tickets can be purchased at the reception of TerSpegelt and will cost € 5.00 per person.

Overnight guests have free access to the PumpTrack (bike and protection not included).

Material rental

  Per hour  Per day
FlyBike (PumpTrack bicycle)    € 10,-  € 25,- 
 BMX   € 4,-   € 10,- 
 Step   € 8,-  € 20,- 
 Protection set. Consiting of: helmet, elbow and knee protection   € 2,-   € 7,- 
 Deposit FlyBikes, BMX bikes and scooters  Holiday pass  + 
€ 50,- 

The prices as mentioned above apply for 2016. The prices for next season will come online early 2017.