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We like to make you happy!

Welcome at TerSpegelt!

How nice that you are staying in this BosVilla! On this page you will find all the practical information about the BosVilla to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Download the renewed TerSpegelt app! Here you will find all park information, opening hours and the entertainment programme.

 Other information

Park information
The location of BosVilla TerSpegelt is ideal due to the spacious outdoor area with covered terrace, garden and private forest and the nearby TerSpegelt Recreation Park. Although the park is not open all year round, there are a number of activities which you can still use when the park is closed. The girls at the reception will be happy to provide you with information.

We take great care in cleaning our BosVilla. If you are not satisfied, please let one of our employees at the reception know. We will ensure that this is resolved as soon as possible. Smoking is not allowed in the BosVilla.

WiFi/wireless internet
In the BosVilla you can use WiFi free of charge. The code to log in for the WiFi network (FRITZ!Box 7530 TS) 2929 0373 6408 0680 2425. If you want WiFi throughout the park, you can buy a code at the reception. The TerSpegelt appis (partially) usable without WiFi!

There is a barbecue at the accommodation. Please clean the grill after each use. We trust that you will leave the barbecue and the grill tidy when you leave!

Should you notice anything damaged or not working properly in or around the BosVilla or in the park, you can report this to one of our reception staff members. Our technical service will make sure that it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Energy and water
We use energy as sparingly as possible by using solar energy and twilight switches. Therefore, please turn off the heating and lights when leaving the accommodation. For environmental and cost reduction reasons, it is not allowed to wash your car at the BosVilla, or leave the taps running for long periods of time.

Still have questions? Feel free to ask them 'live' to one of our staff members!
Reception: 0497-512016 (for emergency after hours, option 1)
Live chat: www.terspegelt.nl - WhatsApp: +31 97026258661

Inventory List

What is included in the BosVilla?
Anything missing? Then feel free to stop by the reception.

24 large flat plates
24 breakfast plates
24 mugs
24 soda glasses
12 beer glasses
12 wine glasses
12 dessert dishes small
24 soup cup/dishes
6 colored bowls kl.
2 serving dishes owl
2 water jugs
4 bamboo plates
6 bamboo cups
16 spoons
16 forks
16 knives
20 teaspoons
16 cake forks
3 vegetable spoons
2 potato spoons
1 salad servers
3 wooden spoons
1 skimmer
1 ladle
1 sauce ladle
1 meat fork
2 wooden spatulas
2 plastic spatulas
1 whisk
1 cheese slicer
3 peelers
1 bread knife
1 meat knife
1 potato masher
1 corkscrew
1 pair of scissors
1 can opener
3 bottle openers
12 placemats
1 teapot glass
1 tea light
12 egg cups glass

2 chopping boards
3 storage jars
1 measuring jug glass

1 mixing bowl
1 colander
1 timer
1 grater
2 large glass dishes
2 baking dishes with lids
4 earthenware serving dishes
1 meat box (3 pieces)
1 wooden tray
1 iron tray
2 frying pans
2 frying pans (1 lid)
7 saucepans
1 saucepan
3 cork trivets
2 alu coasters
2 potholders/gloves
1 sink
1 dish rack
1 bucket
1 hand broom/can
1 rubber broom
3 toilet brushes + holder
1 coffee maker
2 thermos jugs
1 kettle
1 combi oven/microwave
1 drying rack
1 dry vacuum cleaner
1 washing machine
1 tumble dryer
1 garden table
12 garden chairs
1 high chair
BBQ / outdoor fireplace
large dustbin
2 TVs
1 radio/cd player
table tennis table (2 balls)
table football ( 2 balls)
12 (1 pers.) flannel
12 (single) fitted sheets
8 (single) comforter + cover
2 (2pers.) comforter + cover
12 pillows, flannel cover + pillowcase

User manual

How does the gate work?
The code 5960 allows you to open the gate before you can drive into the driveway. The gate will automatically close again. To leave the gate open, you can slide the red tube (which is attached to the sensor) over the sensor.

How do you use the stove?
The remote control for the gas stove can be found on the wall opposite the stove. To turn on the stove, hold down the Off button and the button with the largest flame for a few seconds until you hear a beep. The stove is now on. Use only the button with the little flame. Hold down the large flame to make the fire bigger, hold down the small flame to make the fire smaller or go back to the pilot light. When the pilot light is out, it will take several minutes before you can turn the stove back on.


- The stove must not be covered.
- It must not be hidden from view by curtains, furniture, towels, etc.
- Turn the stove off as soon as you leave the accommodation.

How do you use the combi-microwave?
In the cabinet above the microwave there is a Bosch folder. In it you will find not only tasty recipes, but also the explanation of baking and au gratin (tab 1), frying and grilling (tab 8) and the microwave function (tab 16).

How to use the dishwasher?

Select the desired program and turn it on. If you still want to change the selected program, press and hold the selection button, e.g. 65 degrees, a little longer to reset. The service pack includes a dishwasher tablet for the 1st wash. We have already put in rinse aid and salt.

Is the stove not working or do you have questions about using the available equipment?
Please report this to reception or call 0497-512016. We will pass on the report to the technical service. They will then come by as soon as possible to help.

Hope to see you soon!

On the day of departure, keys must be handed in at the reception before 10:00 am. Should you leave outside the opening hours of the reception, please notify the reception in advance. The key can then be deposited in the key box at the barrier.

What to do before departure?

  • Leave the BosVilla swept clean.
  • Turn off the heating/stove and close all windows.
  • Make sure all used kitchen inventory is back in the cabinets clean.
  • Leave the refrigerator on and turn off all lights.
  • You may put your linen packages in the white bag provided and leave them in the accommodation for our cleaning staff.
  • Have you rented a high chair, camp bed (with or without bed linen package) and/or a bed rail? Then please leave this clean in the accommodation. We will pick it up on the day of departure.
  • Please sort your garbage, glass and paper and bring it to the recycling center behind the supermarket.

How cool and fun was your vacation?
Let one of our reception staff know and pass on comments and tips as well.
We look forward to seeing you again.... See you at TerSpegelt!