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We like to make you happy!

Various new indoor facilities are coming

We continue to innovate and renovate. In 2026, we will open a new central building where various facilities are bundled. At the BonneFooi, you can drop by anytime for a drink and a cozy get-together. The BowlingHub offers various gaming options, with the highlight being the hyper bowling alley. With 6 lanes and illuminated targets, not only your score but also the fun is doubled. Additionally, the SuperMarkt will have its own renewed spot in this new complex.

A rich history

TerSpegelt has a rich history that began in a farmhouse. We reflect the Kempische history in the collective name of the area around the central building. The area called De Brinck is an open space where guests can meet, and where various facilities such as the BonneFooi, the BowlingHub, the SuperMarkt, and the PumpTrack are located.