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Can you crack the code?

Did you know that proverbs make our language a little more fun? After all, there's a lot to learn from them! On our park a new path has been opened, namely the Freule's SpreukenPad. For ages 7 to 12, this is a fun and educational trail with proverbs as a common thread. Go on an adventure with a bag that you can pick up for free at the reception desk. Using the attributes in the bag you can complete the various tasks in 1.5 hours. Finally, try to crack the safe so you can jump a hole in the air.

At the moment, as a pilot, the trail is only made in Dutch. Would you like to walk this path in your language as well, send an email to promotie@terspegelt.nl. We are currently working on a english version. 

Ter Spegelt Spreekwoordenpad boekje lezen LR
Ter Spegelt Spreekwoordenpad duikelrek LR 3
Ter Spegelt Spreekwoordenpad tas verrekijker LR 1
Ter Spegelt Spreekwoordenpad schieten supersoaker LR