Coronavirus update, April 1st 

We have decided to postpone the planned opening of Holiday Park TerSpegelt on 3 April until further notice. We are unable to open our holiday park in a responsible manner in this exceptional situation. The health of our employees and guests comes first and foremost. We also feel obliged not to put even more pressure on the overtaxed healthcare system in our region by receiving guests at our holiday park.

And considering the government measures announced on 31 March, this means that we will not be receiving any guests up until 28 April 2020. If you have booked a pitch or a rental accommodation in this period, we will contact you personally. If you have any questions about your (camping) holiday and the coronavirus, please view the FAQ here.

Stay healthy and be kind to each other. It will help us to get through the coronavirus crisis so that in the future you will once again be able to enjoy a Wonderful Holiday! at TerSpegelt.


Gnome path

Gnomes usually live in little holes in the ground or in a hollow tree. However, sometimes they also live in an abandoned shed or a cabin built of branches. Gnomes are really nice and love their gnome children. Just like their relatives, the garden gnomes, they are very diligent and helpful. They are busy all day. If you follow this gnome path you will find out more for yourself! Do not forget to search for traces of gnomes along the way. You may even see a real gnome!

You can walk along the Gnome Path for the daily price of just €5,- and €10,- surety. Children will be transformed into real gnomes with a gnome hat and face paint. During the walk through the forest, they can also complete several assignments related to the life of the gnomes. Afterwards, the children will receive a nice souvenir at the reception desk!