TerSpegelt is een Holland Topcamping

For more information about COVID-19 and your holiday at TerSpegelt, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Closed for day visit!

Unfortunately, due to the corona measures the indoor swimming pool, SterrenStrand, the recreational lake for swimming and the camping site will be closed for day visits in 2020.

Hopefully we can welcome you again in 2021!

Spend a day at TerSpegelt

Are you feeling excited about going swimming and playing or going on an adventure? TerSpegelt is available for a day trip. You can play in the sand and in the water, and explore several climbing towers or a real labyrinth. This is only possible in the SterrenStrand at Holidaypark TerSpegelt!
When the weather is good outside you can also swim in our swimming lake, go on adventure at the Gnome Path or have a ride at the PumpTrack

Sterrenstrand kinderen

SterrenStrand and Recreational lake for swimming

The 5 stars of TerSpegelt have their home in this world of water and sand. But there is also a great heated 20 metre swimming pool, a lovely whirlpool and a supercool waterslide. In the SterrenStrand, everyone wishes they were a kid again.
Would you rather swim outside? Our swimming lake is located near the beach pavilion De Wijde Blick. There is a large water slide, a family water slide and a water fountain in the swimming lake for extra splashing fun.

Heated indoor pool

In the large pool, you can swim against the current, but you can also enjoy the bubbles in the bubble bath and the water jet benches. There are also fenced-off baby and toddler pools where our smallest guests can explore the water in a lovely and safe environment.

The SterrenStrand leads directly into the heated indoor pool via a plunge pool.

TerSpegelt_Meisjes op steen LR.jpg

The PumpTrack

The Pump Track is an exciting track with many hills, bumps and curves. You can use the track with your bicycle, step bike or roller skates. At the Pump Track you don't have to pedal or step very hard because you will gain so much speed from the hills and bumps on the track. 

The track is suitable for every age and skill level. However, our younger riders may only enter the track under the supervision of a parent or attendant. The Pump Track is open on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Gnome Path

Gnomes usually live in little holes in the ground or in a hollow tree. Gnomes are really nice and they love their gnome children. If you follow this gnome path you will find out more for yourself! Do not forget to search for the traces of gnomes along the way...

You can walk along the Gnome Path for just € 5. Children will be transformed into real gnomes with a gnome hat and face paint. During the walk through the forest, they can also complete several assignments related to the life of the gnome.  Afterwards, the children will receive a nice souvenir at the reception desk!